Our Objectives

Our vision for reconciliation is realised
through four core strategic objectives.


We will raise community awareness and understanding of Australian history and contemporary issues from the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by:

  • Identifying and supporting Queensland schools wanting to implement a Narragunnawali program
  • Developing resources and information on key topics for Queensland education organisations to access online
  • Assisting establishing Local Reconciliation Groups by providing an operational framework and resources
  • Providing ongoing support for Local Reconciliation Groups through promotion and attendance at events and programs
  • Establishing and promoting a calendar of events, programs, and workshops
  • Developing reconciliation programs for online and face to face delivery for various audiences
  • Forming alliances with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other community leaders, speakers, teachers who can attend events, programs, and workshops.


We will partner with and support Queensland organisations, industries and governments to achieve their reconciliation goals by:

  • Partnering with key community, government and industry stakeholders including First Nations organisations to establish regional reconciliation forums across Queensland
  • Providing more opportunities for organisations to participate, sponsor and partner in Reconciliation Queensland events across Queensland
  • Strengthening and maintaining the Reconciliation Queensland volunteer network to assist with events, forums, workshops, and development activities
  • Grow and strengthen the network of Reconciliation Queensland members, partners and sponsors
  • Supporting Queensland organisations to develop and advance their Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Implementing ‘Reconciliation Industry Network Groups’ in key Queensland industry sectors
  • Supplying an interactive online member and resource portal for Reconciliation Queensland members, partners and sponsors.


We will advocate for policies and informed discussions that advance Queensland’s progress against the five dimensions of reconciliation by:

  • Providing Queensland State and Local Government with research and information which affects public policy on racism, reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities
  • Working directly with Australian Reconciliation Network and Reconciliation Australia to provide the Queensland perspective on national policy changes and/or initiatives
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of state and local government reconciliation commitments
  • Advocating and promoting the importance of a Treaty between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations peoples and Queensland to support reconciliation for all Queenslanders.


We will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, communities and organisations in their aspirations related to education and training, health and wellbeing, cultural sustainability, justice and self-determination by:

  • Identifying regional centres and local advocates to establish Local Reconciliation Groups or Reconciliation Queensland sub-branches
  • Providing the constitutional framework and ongoing support to establish local reconciliation groups or Reconciliation Queensland sub-branches
  • Identifying Queensland-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and promote through Reconciliation Queensland channels including emerging state-level Reconciliation Industry Network Groups
  • Developing a funding program to support the growth of grassroots organisations and community groups aligned to Reconciliation Queensland’s vision, values and purpose
  • Promoting seed funding program through existing channels

 Our Strategic Plan is available for download here.