Our Vision

An equitable and informed Queensland, which recognises a shared past and respects Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first Australians.

Our Purpose

To seek reconciliation through:

  • Understanding and accepting the history of our shared experience between First Nations people and the wider community
  • Respecting our First Nations peoples’ cultures and identity
  • Recognising that past injustice continues to give rise to present injustices for First Australians
  • Identifying what needs to be done and making changes within Australian society
  • Revaluing our citizenship to live together with unity and harmony.

To support the development and evaluation of reconciliation strategic and action plans which:

  • Make a contribution to addressing First Nations peoples’ disadvantage
  • Promote equality and recognition of First Nations peoples’ rights
  • Promote economic independence for First Nations peoples
  • Sustain the reconciliation process.

To use education as a foundation for all reconciliation strategic and action plans.
To establish and administer a peak body (“Forum”) of representatives from local community and organisational groups in Queensland established for the purpose of advancing reconciliation.
To support, liaise and cooperate on an ongoing basis with any group or association with similar objectives to Reconciliation Queensland.
To monitor and report to the community on progress towards reconciliation in Queensland.
To promote a process of reconciliation between First Nations peoples and the wider Australian community.
To provide a state-wide focus and leadership in working towards reconciliation.
To promote a deeper understanding and respect of the shared history of our nation through leadership, education and discussion.
To undertake initiatives to reaffirm the human rights of all Australians.
To promote respect and recognition for continuing customary laws, beliefs and traditions.
To facilitate community and business partnerships to achieve social and economic equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our values

We value truth: We are open, honest, and understanding in all our interactions.
We value respect: We value and honour the Aboriginal and Torres Strait First Nation peoples, cultures, and heritage as Australia’s First Peoples.
We value courage: We have the strength and confidence to act in accordance with our truth.
We value integrity: We recognise and celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural protocols in all our interactions.