Reconciliation in Education

Education services are playing a critical role in promoting reconciliation across Australia. Our vision for reconciliation in education is to see all children, staff and surrounding educational communities engaged in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ cultures, histories and contributions. Such learning is key to enhancing relationships and bringing about a better future for all.

Support for Schools and Early Learning Services

Reconciliation Queensland has partnered with Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali Program to support schools and early learning services in Queensland to take action toward reconciliation in the classroom, around the school and with the community. Reconciliation Queensland offers on-site visits, presentations, webinars and workshops to schools and early learning services.

To support teachers and educators in providing meaningful reconciliation experiences to children and students. They also provide local information, introduce you to professional learning and curriculum resources and the Reconciliation Action Plan process, to support a whole-school or service commitment to reconciliation.

We provide information on:

  • A range of reconciliation activities available at three levels – early learning, primary and secondary
  • Curriculum resources linked to the Australian Curriculum for schools and the Early Years Learning Framework for early learning services
  • How to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • How to implement reconciliation initiatives in an early learning service or school classroom.

Our reconciliation support can be useful if you would like to learn:

  • More about Reconciliation Queensland
  • More about Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Education program and online platform
  • The benefits of developing a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • How to start a Reconciliation Action Plan for your school or service
  • How to strengthen children’s knowledge about reconciliation
  • How to engage with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • Information about the Narragunnawali Awards for schools and early learning services.

Whether you are a school or an early learning service, to request Reconciliation Support Online,
click here or call Bizzi Lavelle ph 0437 188 650

Education Reconciliation Industry Network Group

Another way that Reconciliation Queensland promotes reconciliation is through the Queensland Education Reconciliation Industry Network Group. The Queensland Education Reconciliation Industry Network Group brings leaders in the education sectors together on a regular basis to discuss strategies to progress reconciliation across the state. They include leaders from universities, TAFEs, faith, private and state schools, early learning centre-based services and family day care.