The Bridge Towards Reconciliation - the gameCome and find out how much Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander history you know. Have lots of fun and learn more about our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and their shared past. The Bridge Towards Reconciliation “The Game” is a learning tool designed to assist participants understand:

  • Discrimination and oppression, in its many forms, experienced by Australian Indigenous Peoples
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples experiences from colonization to current times
  • The significant contribution of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Australian Society

The Bridge Towards Reconciliation “The Game” is non-competitive and requires everyone to work together. It provides valuable information in the areas of law, sport, art & culture, history, politics and general knowledge. It will help increase understanding and awareness and contribute towards our objective of Reconciliation.

WHEN: Tuesday 22nd May 2012, Time 6:00 pm
WHERE: Springwood Coffee Club, 65 Springwood Street, Springwood
COST: Buy your meals/tea/coffee PLUS a $5 per person or $28 per teams of six for registration
RSVP by Sunday 20th May to Auntie Heather Castledine. Phone 0400 703 706 or email