Tracks to Treaty

Reconciliation Queensland recognises the Queensland Government’s “Tracks to Treaty” initiatives to reframe the relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, including its $300m commitment to support a “Path to Treaty” approach with truth telling as a key component.

The agreement was signed by the Queensland Government on 14 July 2019. Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk stated:

"Tracks to Treaty marks a monumental reform journey at the local, regional and statewide level in Queensland. It promotes and supports self-determination, truth-telling, local decision making, and better life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders."

See the Queensland Government’s Joint Statement on the Historic Signing of the Tracks to Treaty Commitment here.

In February 2020, the Queensland State Government released a Report from the Treaty Working Group on Queensland’s Path to Treaty. The report presents the findings of extensive community consultation and sets out the steps for a treaty process. Eight key recommendations are put forward:
That the Queensland Government proceed on a Path to Treaty with the ultimate aim of reaching a treaty or treaties with the First Nations of Queensland.
That principal carriage of the actions required to progress the Path to Treaty be the responsibility of a statutory entity established by an Act of the Queensland Parliament called the First Nations Treaty Institute (Institute).
That the Queensland Government facilitate and resource a comprehensive process of Truth-telling to chronicle the history of First Nations peoples prior to British colonisation of Queensland, the history and impact of colonisation on First Nations peoples and the more recent history of Queensland in relation to First Nations peoples.
That First Nation Peoples be supported to engage in the Path to Treaty with the aim that future discussions and negotiations on a possible treaty or treaties might occur with the State on an equitable basis.
That the Queensland Government undertake in conjunction with the establishment of the First Nations Treaty Institute and in advance of the Truth and Healing process, a community engagement program to promote understanding of the history of First Nations peoples and the Path to Treaty process.
That the Queensland Government place before Parliament in the first half of 2020 a Bill to further the Path to Treaty, establish the First Nations Treaty Institute and the First Nations Treaty Future Fund.
That the Queensland Government provide a sustainable and guaranteed financial basis for the Path to Treaty process to proceed.
That the Report of the Treaty Working Group and the advice to Queensland Government of the Eminent Panel be published and made freely available to the public.
The full report is available here.